About Haystack Help Radio

Haystack Help Radio airs Monday through Friday at Noon – 1PM on 560AM KLZ. The show is hosted by Owner & Host, Scott Whatley.

Haystack Help Radio is a consumer-oriented show dedicated to helping consumers with problems, providing quality business referrals, tips, alerts about consumer scams, and helping seniors and their caregivers.

No other Colorado radio broadcast operation provides the listening area coverage footprint of 560AM KLZ. The Haystack Help Radio Show reaches into Wyoming, west to Craig, Colorado, south past Trinidad, Colorado, and east into Kansas! Only Official Haystack Registered Companies of the Haystack Help Website Referral List are presented on Haystack Help Radio. Tune in to Haystack Help Radio and you’ll have the opportunity to meet the people behind Haystack Help businesses and learn more about the quality products and services they provide.

Call our telephone hot line for help: 303-333-HELP (4357).

Call Host Scott Whatley at 720-201-8585.

A Place for Consumers to Go For Help: 303-333-HELP (4357) is our telephone hot line to get help. Scott Whatley personally answers each call and will get directly involved along with our Official Haystack Registered Companies, regulatory agencies and local authorities to solve problems, answer questions, handle complaints and refer great companies to consumers who are looking for the best service in Colorado – we are here to HELP! We know that finding HELP can be like finding a needle in a haystack but with Haystack Help; finding the needle just got a lot easier! Since January 2009, Haystack Help Radio has been engaging consumers with a trusted source to find the most qualified, reliable and reputable companies in Colorado who pledge to deliver an exceptional customer experience, fair pricing and quality workmanship while generating substantive, measurable results to our Sponsors of Haystack Help Radio.

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