Thursday 2/1/24: Legal Talk with Attorney Kevin Flesch & IV Nutrition-Centennial, Colorado

Today’s Guests:
Attorney Kevin Flesch outlines what all is involved with a Criminal charge arrest. The court process is an extremely long and drawn-out process that may sometimes be a little confusing. Kevin gives us breakdown of the essential steps of a criminal case as it moves through the court process from the Arrest to Sentencing. It’s always a free consultation at Flesch & Beck Law Firm. Call Kevin today at 303-806-8886 or visit the website at

In our next half hour Jim Fraser, Owner of IV Nutrition/Centennial joins us to talk about the benefits of IV Therapy. Also joining us from Westport, MO is Mason Carpenter, Clinical Director for IV Nutrition. Mason shares some great information on how IV nutrition therapy can help you recover from dehydration to immune challenges. It also supports athletic recovery and chronic health challenges like fatigue, weight gain, and inflammation. IV nutrition therapy is a safe and effective way to achieve optimal health and prevent disease.
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