Friday 4/9/21: Barbers Foods & OnSite Consulting

Today’s Guests:
Greg Bloom, Owner of Barbers Foods is with us to talk about of buying your meat from your local grocery store. Have you ever ask the store where they buy their meat from? How many times has this meat frozen and defrosted? How often do they clean the deli slicer, which is deemed one of the dirtiest instruments in the deli. Wow, after you hear this you will see why we love Barbers Foods. It’s great to know about it’s impeccable quality and you always know exactly where your food comes from. Shop their website at

Then it’s Scott Henke, Owner of OnSite Consulting to share some tips on traveling and gives good advice about proper usage on your phone and laptop while traveling. Should you connect with the free Wi-Fi? Listen in and Scott Henke will tell you. About OnSite Consulting: Since 1982, Scott Henke, Owner of OnSite Consulting, has been helping Coloradoans with all of their computer needs. In 2008, OnSite Consulting received the “Business of the Year Award.” OnSite Consulting truly believes in helping our senior community so they offer refurbished computers with a 1-year warranty for as low as $100.00. Check out the website at:

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