Friday 5/12/23: Water Pros with Paul the Waterman

Today’s Guest:
Paul Dowding “Paul the Waterman”, knows water! Paul is with us to talk about taking control of the quality of your water in our home. Local news cast’s are usually airing at least one story a week on the water quality issues in Colorado. More than a hundred drinking water sources across Colorado – ranging from cities and counties to elementary schools and campgrounds contain what are now considered to be potentially hazardous levels of PFAS, toxic “forever chemicals,” linked to many health problems. Water Pros offers a free in home water test and offers full house water filtration systems and water softeners. Trust the Pros we trust, Water Pros to provide you with reliable, cost-effective water softening solutions that will ensure your water is always safe, clean, and refreshing. Call 303-862-5554 to set up a free in house appointment. Visit the website at

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