Friday 5/28/21: Onsite Consulting – Dr. Louis P. Coates

Today’s Guest
Scott Henke, Owner of Onsite Consulting joins us to talk about the topic of viruses. Scott also talks about “ransomware,” and what you should do. Scott also offers Haystack Help Radio listeners a great special offer. Visit their website at:

Then, it’s Better Health with Dr. Louis Coates, our weekly show in Dallas, Texas on KAAM 770AM. Today’s episode is from a recent show that aired in Dallas where Dr. Coates discussed our Endocrine System. When you have blood work done make sure your Doctor checks TSH, T3 and T4. Dr. Coates explains what your Thyroid does and possible symptoms when your thyroid is not functioning properly. Dr. Coates stresses the need for a yearly physical along with a good blood panel work up. Invest in your health now!

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