Friday 8/14/20: Dr. Louis P. Coates on Covid-19 – Dr. Mark Riggs

Today’s Guest:
Dr. Louis Coates has a Family Medical practice in Garland, TX. Dr. Coates has been on the show several times and now has a show on KAAM 770 in Dallas. Today, Dr. Coates discusses Anxiety & Depression during this pandemic. Dr. Coates addresses a lot of concerns for adults and our children. Then it’s Nutrition and Wellness with Dr. Mark Riggs of 5280 Functional Medicine. On today’s show Dr. Riggs explains what a patient can expect from 5280 Functional Medicine. Dr. Riggs says the 90 minute initial consultation is one things his patients really appreciate. As Functional Medicine doctors, Dr. Riggs and his wife drive to find the cause of each patients symptoms. Dr. Riggs covers our immune system and stresses we must do all we can to stay healthy during our current environment. Dr. Riggs at 5280 Functional Medicine offers a complimentary consultation:

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