Friday 8/21/20: Mile High Estate Planning – Online Trading Academy – Dr. Mark Riggs

Today’s Guest:
Attorney Blake Harris of Mile High Estate Planning tells why you need an Estate Plan. There is a way to avoid paying nursing home cost and Blake tells you how. Blake also explains the biggest mistake you can make with your Estate Plan. John Henkel, Owner of Online Trading Academy joins us and offers a free 2 hour class so you can see first hand Online Trading Academy’s beautiful campus and get a better understanding of how Online Trading may be able to help you build your financial future. Classes are available in person as well as virtual. In our last half hour it’s Bryn Calendar of 5280 Functional Medicine. Bryn is a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach and today her topic is sleep. Learn some great tips from Bryn of how to sleep better and how to get a few more hours of sleep in your schedule. Dr. Riggs at 5280 Functional Medicine offers a complimentary consultation:

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