Friday 9/1/23: Water Talk with Paul the Waterman, Owner of Water Pros

Today’s Guest:
Paul Dowding, Owner of Water Pros is with us and Paul says, “Think about it, we use water every day! Not only do we drink water, but we also use it for cooking, cleaning and bathing. Contaminants in water can get into our bodies when we drink, eat or breathe in steam. Some contaminants can also be absorbed through our skin.” Water is everything! About 85 percent of Colorado residents get their drinking water from a community water system. Contamination of a single water system can expose many people to potentially harmful substances. Take control of the water quality in your home! Call Water Pros for your free water test! For more information visit

Don’t miss an episode of Water Talk! Paul Dowding is well known as “Paul the Waterman”, and he’s Colorado’s expert on all things related to the water we use and drink in our homes. Tune in to Water Talk every Friday at Noon – 1PM on 560AM KLZ!

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