Monday 1/13/20: Cichon Financial – Online Trading Academy – Your Health Matters with Dr. Shane Steadman, Integrated Health Systems

Today’s Guests:
David Cichon, Owner of Cichon Financial covers the topic of “Women Left Behind. There are many times where the husband will pass away, which leaves the wife trying to figure out the financials. Davis shares some great tips that will help when these situation occur. Also, John Henkel with Online Trading Academy joins us to talk how about you can take control of your finances. John offers a free half day class to Haystack Help listeners. Then it’s Your Health Matters with Dr. Shane Steadman, Owner of Integrated Health Systems. Today’s topic, how your thyroid may be what is keeping you from losing weight. Dr. Steadman offers a free consultation when you mention Haystack Help radio, visit their website at

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