Monday 1/9/23: Water Pros & Your Health Matters with Dr. Shane Steadman

Today’s Guests:
Paul Dowding, Owner of Water Pros joins us and Paul said we all need to be concerned about our water quality. We have no idea how our water may be effecting our health. Call Water Pros for your free in home water test and consultation. You can know the quality of your water with a Water Pros home filtration system.

Then it’s Your Health Matters, brought to you by Integrated Health Systems. Dr. Shane Steadman joins us and talks about with the new year right around the corner, what are some good labs to run so you can go into the New Year knowing what you need to work on and getting a head start to those New Year’s resolutions. Integrated Health Systems offers a free consultation when you mention Haystack Help Radio, call 303-781-5617 or visit their website at

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