Monday 12/16/19: Lakewood Plumbing – Your Health Matters with Dr. Shane Steadman, Integrated Health Systems

Today’s Guests:
Torrey Cosgrove, Owner of Lakewood Plumbing & Heating joins us in studio to talk about all the great services they provide. Torrey shares some tips on regular maintenance on you furnace that help you stay away from those huge repair bills or replacement. Lakewood Plumbing is the exclusive Plumbing and HVAC Company for Haystack Help Radio. Then Jess Sorci, Metabolic Coordinator for Integrated Health Systems joins us to talk about, yes, getting healthy now, even during the holidays. You can call and get an appointment with Jess, to discuss your goals for 2020. Dr. Shane Steadman, Owner if Integrated Health Systems then joins us to talk about the role of functional medicine. Why finding the root cause of your symptoms is so vital to your overall health. Dr. Steadman offers a free consultation, visit their website at

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