Monday 2/8/21: Cichon Financial – Your Health Matters with Dr. Shane Steadman

Today’s Guests:
It’s the Educated Investor show with David Cichon, Vice-President of the Householder Group. Today David’s topic is “Insurance, how do we protect our assets.” David says we must understand our policies and the coverage. There will also be some classes upcoming in March “How to Rejuvenate Your Retirement,” sponsored by Arapahoe Community College. We will be talking about these classes more on our show next week. At Cichon Financial it’s always a complimentary consultation. Call 720-482-1917 or visit their website at:

Then it’s Your Health Matters, brought to you by Integrated Health Systems. Today Dr. Shane Steadman talks about our Blood Sugar. Dr. Steadman goes into great depth on explaining how we can control our blood sugar and what affects our blood sugar has on our health. Free webinar February 16, 2021 at 6pm call 303-781-5617 for more information on “Blood Sugar” webinar. Integrated Health Systems offers a free consultation when you mention Haystack Help radio, call 303-781-5617 or visit their website at

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