Monday 3/30/20: Cichon Financial – Affordable Interest Mortgage – Your Health Matters with Dr. Shane Steadman, Integrated Health Systems

Today’s Guests:
The Educated Investor with David Cichon of the the Householder Group and Cichon Financial. Today, David discusses the importance of the foundation as you build your financial house. Also, David talks about how there are some things you can do during this volatile time to protect your money. Then it’s Knowledge in Reverse brought to you by Steve Hurley, with Affordable Interest Mortgage. Today, Kurt Rogers, Owner of AIM, joins us to talk about Reverse Mortgages. Kurt explains a Jumbo Reverse Loan. Then it’s Your Health Matters, brought to you by Integrated Health Systems. Dr. Shane Steadman talks about the current restrictions that are in place by the Governor, and explains how they are helping patients via tele-conference, etc. Dr. Steadman also talks about building your immune system and we also talk about thyroid health. Integrated Health Systems offers a free consultation when you mention Haystack Help radio, visit their website at

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