Monday 5/9/22: Onsite Consulting – Your Health Matters with Dr. Shane Steadman

Today’s Guests:
Scott Henke, Owner of Onsite Consulting is with us and Scott shares 3 great tips today. First, do your updates, Scott says it’s ok to wait a couple of days, but it’s important to do them. Second, make sure your computers and devices are backed up. Scott’s last tip is to be “suspicious” of the following items, Pop-ups, Phone Calls, Emails, Facebook and Email Over-limit Warnings. Check out or call: (720) 482-8383.

In our last half hour it’s Your Health Matters, brought to you by Integrated Health Systems. Today Dr. Perry Maynard discusses the topic of Cardiovascular Disease. Dr. Maynard explains how to know your risk and Dr. Maynard talks about some of the different test and scans that are available. Integrated Health Systems offers a free consultation when you mention Haystack Help Radio, call 303-781-5617 or visit their website at

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