Monday 9/18/23: Genesis 1:3 Electric & e-Bike of Colorado & Your Health Matters with Dr. Shane Steadman

Today’s Guests:
Dustin Fulton, Owner of Genesis 1:3 Electric joins us to talk about Electric Vehicle Chargers. Dustin says do not buy an electric vehicle before you get them to come out and check out your current electrical system. The install process could be straight forward and easy, but there are several factors that could cost you thousands of dollars to install a charger in your home. Genesis 1:3 Electric has over 22 years of experience and they are part of our Haystack Help Home Team.

It’s a short segment of the “Just Try It” Radio Show brought to you by e-Bike of Colorado! Randy Caranci, Owner of e-Bike Of Colorado joins us as the largest retailer in Colorado of E-bikes. At e-bike Of Colorado their goal is to find you the right bike, not sell you a bike, they found Victoria the “right” e-bike for her riding level. Check out the website at

In our last half hour it’s Your Health Matters, brought to you by Integrated Health Systems. Today, Dr. Woodrow Hill, Nurse Practitioner for IHS joins us to talk about our Metabolism. Dr. Hill explains some of the things that slows our metabolism down. Also, what you can do to improve your metabolism and some of the treatments available at Integrated Health Systems. Call today for your complimentary initial consultation. Call 303-781-5617or visit their website at

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