Thursday 3/27/20: Davis Tents – Denver Better Business Bureau – Covid-19 Safety Tips from John Oravez

Today’s Guests:
Will Marquardt, President of Davis Tents joins us to talk about all that Davis Tents has to offer. Davis Tents is home of the canvas wall tent, outfitter tents and clamping tents. Call 303-561-1817 or visit Then, Ezra Coppersmith, investigations Coordinator for the Denver Better Business Bureau joins us to talk about the current Coronavirus scams. Also, Ezra will talk about some general ways to protect yourself when hiring contractors.
In our last half hour, Volunteer Firefighter for Sedalia, CO, John Oravez will join us to talk about the current situation with Covid-19, and John will share some safety tips now that we are spending more time at home. John is also an FFL dealer, and we will discuss what we are seeing today with firearm and ammo sales.

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