Thursday 6/1/23: Legal Talk with Attorney Kevin Flesch & Big Horn Firearms & Stack Optical

Today’s Guests:
Attorney Kevin Flesch of Flesch & Beck Law joins us to talk about the Colorado Point System for driving violations. Kevin says if you get a speeding ticket or are in violation of another law, such as failure to show proof of insurance, you are subject to receiving points on your license or having your driving privileges suspended by the Colorado department of motor vehicles. Kevin explains how the point system accrues based on the severity of your infraction. In short, certain traffic offenses, such as speeding and DUIs, have point values associated with them. If you break the law, the offense for which you’re charged will determine the number of points you get on your license. It’s always a free consultation, and the team at Flesch & Beck is ready to help. Call Kevin today at 303-806-8886 or visit the website at

Then Ryan Resch, Owner of Bighorn Firearms joins us to talk about their event this Saturday June 3rd. Sportsman of Colorado Radio will be broadcasting live from 1-2pm. Bighorn Firearms 2175 S Jasmine St in Denver. Check out their website at

In our final segment Allen Stack, Owner of Stack Optical is with us to talk about all Stack Optical has to offer. Stack Optical has been providing the most comprehensive, quality ocular care for our Denver patients for over 50 years. Stack Optical is a family-owned business is proud to be one of the few optical offices that have our own on-site eyeglass production and eyeglass repair studio. Unlike other optical offices, they don’t have to outsource their eyeglass and prescription sunglass lens production. From minimizing production costs and times to promoting a customer-focused business, Stack Optical guarantees that you’ll experience the most competitive pricing alongside unparalleled customer service. Get in for your $69 Eye Exam, at Stack Optical, you’ll see the difference. Check out their website at

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