Thursday 7/21/22: Legal Talk with Attorney Kevin Flesch & Jimmy Graham of Able Shepherd

Today’s Guests:
Attorney Kevin Flesh joins us each week and we discuss a variety of legal topics. On today’s show Kevin discusses how important it is to know your auto insurance coverage. The statistics show over half of Colorado drivers are driving without insurance or are underinsured. Kevin says to get as much UnInsured/UnderInsured Coverage that you can afford. Also Med Pay is an important coverage that can help you with medical expenses. It’s always a free consultation at Flesch & Beck Law Firm. Call Kevin today at 303-806-8886 or visit the website at

In our second half hour we will revisit our recent conversation with Able Shepard CEO Jimmy Graham. Veteran Jimmy Graham is with us to talk about the overall condition our Country is currently in. As a Navy Seal and former CIA Protective Officer Jimmy talks about how it’s our own personal responsibility to defend ourselves and our family. We talk about how can we make our kids safer in schools and our congregations in church. As CEO of Able Shepard, Jimmy talks about the available training classes and and the importance of being prepared in several areas during an emergency. Website:

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