Thursday 7/28/22: Legal Talk with Attorney Kevin Flesch & Affordable Interest Mortgage

Today’s Guests:
Attorney Kevin Flesch discusses the topic of getting injured while driving for work and dives into some great information about what happens when you get into an accident with ride share platforms, Uber, Lift, etc. Legal Talk is brought to you by Flesch & Beck Law. It’s always a free consultation at Flesch & Beck Law Firm. Call Kevin today at 303-806-8886 or visit the website at

Kurt Rogers, Owner of Affordable Interest Mortgage and Host Scott Whatley talk with David Olson, a Reverse Mortgage Specialist with Affordable Interest Mortgage about how a Reverse Mortgage may be the answer to help you during these trying times. Inflation, Medical Cost, Prescriptions, gas prices and just day to day life is is so stressful. David offers a free consultation at “his table or yours” to just sit down and see if a Reverse Mortgage is the right choice. We also dispel a few myths about Reverse Mortgages and Financial Planners are also now seeing this can be a great tool to help provide peace of Mind. Also, if you are in the market for a mortgage, Kurt Rogers is our exclusive mortgage partner at Haystack Help Radio, you can contact Kurt at Affordable Interest Mortgage for all your mortgage needs at 720-895-0500. Visit Kurt’s website at

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