Thursday 8/6/20: Legal Talk with Attorney Kevin Flesch with Flesch & Beck Law

Today’s Guest:
Legal Talk with Attorney Kevin Flesch of Flesch & Beck Law. Today Kevin discusses about preparing your case for trial and why picking the right lawyer is so important in maximizing your recovery. Kevin points out fair is not what you think the case is worth to you but rather what it is worth to the 6 total strangers of the jury. Some important reminders when you are involved in an auto accident:
1. Always call the Police
2. Seek Medical attention immediately
3. Take pictures and get any of the witnesses contact information.
4. Call Kevin before you talk to the insurance company.
5. Know your Auto Policy! Med Pay- get all you can afford. Uninsured/ UnderInsured- get all you can afford. Free consultation at Flesch & Beck Law.

Kevin offers a free consult on any Legal matter. Call Kevin today at 303-806-8886 or visit the website at

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