Tuesday 11/14/23: Your Money Matters Radio Show

Today’s Guest:
Host Scott Whatley and Kurt Rogers, Owner of Affordable Interest Mortgage talks about Kurt’s exciting announcement that he is now able to offer Physician Loans, Commercial Construction & Land Loans, in addition to continuing all the current great mortgage loan programs. Also, Kurt can help residents of Texas, Kansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Florida, Wyoming and Arizona. We also discuss Credit scores and how the credit system works. Kurt explains “Buydown Mortgages and how the Asset Manager Loan could be the right loan for you. There is no doubt credit card debt is growing, Kurt says if you have over $25,000 in credit card debt, he can show you how a “blended rate” can save you big money. Kurt Rogers is our exclusive mortgage partner at Haystack Help Radio, you can contact Kurt at Affordable Interest Mortgage for all your mortgage needs at (720) 895-0500. Visit Kurt’s website at www.aimortgage.net.

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