Tuesday 11/22/22: Your Money Matters Radio Show

Today’s Guests:
Host Scott Whatley and Kurt Rogers, Owner of Affordable Interest Mortgage visit with Dr. Nick Beckmann of Colorado ENT and Allergy about the topic of Sleep Apnea. Dr. Beckman addresses the other health complication that Sleep Apnea can cause to your health. Inspire Sleep offers an exciting device that is surgically implanted that can help you achieve a normal nights sleep. Dr. Beckman walks us thru the process from the initial consult to the actual day of surgery. Check out www.InspireSleep.com. For mortgage information, Kurt Rogers is our exclusive mortgage partner at Haystack Help Radio, you can contact Kurt at Affordable Interest Mortgage for all your mortgage needs at 720-895-0500. Visit Kurt’s website at www.aimortgage.net.

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