Tuesday 9/27/22: Your Money Matters Radio Show

Today’s Guests:
Kurt Rogers, Owner of Affordable Interest Mortgage and Host Scott Whatley discuss Reverse Mortgages with David Olsen, the Reverse Mortgages Specialist at Affordable Interest Mortgage. Kurt Rogers is our exclusive mortgage partner at Haystack Help Radio, you can contact Kurt at Affordable Interest Mortgage for all your mortgage needs at 720-895-0500. Visit Kurt’s website at www.aimortgage.net.

In our last half hour , we will share Pamela Meyer’s story and her search for a kidney donor. Pamela Meyer is a dear friend of our show and needs your help. Here is Pamela’s story and we ask you to consider being a donor, and please share this need. Pamela has Polycystic Kidney Disease – an autosomal dominant gene that if passed, means one HAS the disease. Her Dad had the disease and it was a 50/50 chance each pregnancy that her parents had -that he would pass that gene to the child. All 4 children got the gene and therefore the disease. She would ask her sisters for a kidney – but they have the same disease AND have both been transplanted! I, Jeff, her husband gave her her 1st kidney (and cannot donate my other one! 🙂 And it is my kidney in her that is failing after 5 years through no fault of hers! Pamela’s best chance for survival depends on getting another kidney from a living donor! With a living donor; surgery can be done sooner rather than later – ideally before she needs to go on Dialysis! The wait list to get a “cadaver kidney” or a kidney from a deceased person in Colorado is more than 6 years. Once on dialysis, approximately 40-50% of those on dialysis pass away by 5 years. So finding a living donor is Pamela’s best chance for success! For more information go to www.PamelaNeedsAKidney.com.

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