Wednesday 1/4/23: Onsite Consulting & Food Chat with Host Greg Bloom

Today’s Guests:
Randy Caranci, Owner of e-Bike of Colorado in Downtown Louisville, Colorado is with us. Also, Evo who is their highly skilled mechanic for all of their Bike repairs. Randy talks about the staff and their knowledge. They take all of the time necessary to help you find the right bike for your needs. Service after the sale is also very important to Randy and his team. Be very careful buying a bike online, tune in and we will share why! At e-Bike of Colorado they offer a huge selection of e-Bikes and you can take a test ride on any bike. Rentals are also available at e-bike of Colorado. Service and Rentals are also available at e-bike of Colorado. Host Scott Whatley shares his experience with his new e-Bike from e-Bike of Colorado. They are open 7 days a week from 10-7pm. Visit their website at

Then, it’s Food Chat with Host Greg Bloom and Chef Jackson. On today’s show, Greg and Chef Jackson discuss how to cook a restaurant quality steak at home, including where to buy your beef, how to best cook it all the pro chef tips to make your next steak dinner at home, so AWESOME!

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