Wednesday 11/23/22: 2022 Gubernatorial Candidate Greg Lopez & Foot Chat with Host Greg Bloom

Today’s Guests:
Great to have 2022 Gubernatorial Candidate Greg Lopez back in studio as we reflect back on our recent election here in Colorado. Greg shares some insights on what he believes is crucial for the Republican Party to do to change Colorado. Greg also discusses his political future, so stay tuned.

Then, it’s Food Chat with Host Greg Bloom. Today is the Wagyu beef edition with Roger Morgan from Morgan Ranch Beef. Roger explains how he got into raising Wagyu and Hereford beef breeds, how he produces world-class tasty beef year after year and the sustainability of the beef industry. Food Chat is about all things related to FOOD, including growing food, processing food, cooking food and eating food. Each week, the Host Gregory Bloom, who has spent 30 years in the food business working in food plants, selling, branding, packaging and cooking up food is providing great topics for the show.

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