Wednesday 12/27/23: e-bike Of Colorado & Stack Optical & Genesis 1:3 Electric

Today’s Guests:
It’s the “Just Try It” Radio Show brought to you by e-Bike of Colorado! Randy Caranci, Owner of e-Bike Of Colorado is with us to offer up to $600 off selected EBikes and now is a great time to get your bike in for service. As a reminder EBike of Colorado works on all type of bikes, not just e-bikes. A few tips for care of your ebike in the winter, don’t leave your batteries in extreme cold. Also, don’t leave batteries on the charger, once they see charged remove them from the charger. “Just Try It”, can be heard every Wednesday Noon-12:30, and we encourage to get over to the store and take a test ride. Check out the website at

Then it’s Allen Stack with Stack Optical. Stack Optical has been providing the most comprehensive, quality ocular care for our Denver patients for over 55 years. Allen says our family-owned business is proud to be one of the few optical offices that have our own on-site eyeglass production and eyeglass repair studio. Today Allen talks about “Tints”, he explains all the benefits with using different color lenses. Also, Stack Optical can handle those tough prescriptions. With their on-site lab they can handle all repairs and normally make your custom new glasses in just a couple of days. Stack Optical offers an eye exam for on $69.00. Check out

In our final segment, Dustin Fulton, Owner of Genesis 1:13 Electrical is with us to talk about the importance of choosing the right Contractor. Dustin shares some great information on when you need to absolutely pull a permit for your job. Genesis 1:3 Electric is the Exclusive Electrical Contractor for Haystack Help Radio.

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