Friday 2/16/24: Water Pros with Paul the Waterman

Today’s Guest:
Today on this episode of Water Talk with Paul Dowding, Owner of Water Pros, Paul the Waterman revisits the EPA reports and all the issues we should be concerned about in our drinking water. Especially the fact that your municipal water supply is not actually water. Paul can test the hot water source in your home and determine if you have high levels of chlorine that you are breathing in during your hot showers. The solution is a whole house filtration system and Paul gives us all the details. Paul also talks about the updated Contaminant list from the EPA regarding ground water and drinking water. In our original discussions we were reporting on 4 PFA’s in the water, now the list is up to 193! A ton of great information in this episode. At Water Pros their equipment is all made in the USA. It’s a free in home water test, call Water Pros today 303-862-5554. Check out their website at

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