Friday 3/29/24: Water Pros with Paul the Waterman

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Today’s show is jam packed with facts about Nanoplastics! We share a story from 9NEWS and how Dr. Grant Bailey says we should be concerned.
Nanoplastics are very small micro-particles that are formed from the breakdown of plastics,” said Dr. Grant Bailey, a cardiologist with South Denver Cardiology Associates and AdventHealth. And those tiny micro and nanoplastics are being found in more and more spots. They’ve been found even the human placenta. “And so what they’re finding now is that nanoplastics are entering the food chain and they’re entering the ecological cycle,” Bailey said. “So they’re being found in animals and of course, humans who ingest those animals. We’re also finding nanoplastics inside people.” A new study published this month in the New England Journal of Medicine looked at the presence of those nanoplastics from inside the human body, specifically in the plaque inside the carotid artery in the neck. “And of course, not surprisingly they found a large majority of the plaques that were resected had the presence of several different plastic particles inside of them,” Bailey said. Paul the Waterman breaks all this down and says now is the time to get your free in home water test! If you currently have a system, Water Pros will come out and do a free assessment on your current water treatment system. At Water Pros their equipment is all made in the USA. It’s a free in home water test, call Water Pros today 303-862-5554. Check out their website at

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