Thursday 6/27/24: Legal Talk with Attorney Kevin Flesch & IV Nutrition Centennial & Roof Savers Of Colorado

Today’s Guests:
Today Attorney Kevin Flesch with Flesch & Beck Law talks about the “Criminal Prosecution Challenges”. Kevin breaks it down from the initial arrest to the possible trial. As with most Legal charges, seeking Legal advice immediately from an Attorney in that field of practice can prove to be crucial. It’s always a free consultation at Flesch & Beck Law Firm. Call Kevin today at 303-806-8886 or visit the website at

In our next segment, Jim & Debbie Fraser with IV Nutrition in Centennial. Debbie shares her own personal story and how IV Nutrition therapy gave her a new life, Get by the Centennial location and tell them Scott sent you and save 20% on your IV therapy. Check out the website at:

In our last half hour, Dave Hart with Roof Savers of Colorado joins us to talk about the Roof Maxx treatment that can possibly save you from replacing your roof at this time. While Dave can absolutely help you if your roof does need to be replaced, his goal is to save your roof! Roof Savers of Colorado is a Member of the Haystack Help Home Team.

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