Tuesday 5/14/24: Your Money Matters Radio Show

Today’s Guest:
In this episode of our Money Matters, Kurt Rogers, Managing Broker at Affordable Interest Mortgage is with us to talk about how you can use the equity in your home to make the necessary updates in your home that will help you love your home and not have to move. Homes have appreciated upwards of 6-7% in 2023 so if you like your neighborhood and don’t want to have to move, Kurt can help you explore your mortgage refinance options. Kurt introduces a special guest to the show, Wade Nedved, with Premier Home Remodels who shares how he has been helping homeowners upgrade their existing home so they don’t have to move when circumstances change with additional occupants, disability or just personalization reasons. He also shares some insights on how they operate their business and strive to provide outstanding customer service. Wade explains how a properly written contract is the key. Make sure it is detailing the exact work to be completed, along with how payments are made. Do not pay a contractor a large deposit. Yes, materials have to be paid for, but structure your future payments as “progress payments! It’s always a great idea to verify their insurance and licenses. It’s a free initial consult with Premier Home Remodels.

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Kurt Rogers is our exclusive Mortgage Broker for the Haystack Help Radio Home Team. Call (720) 895-0500. www.aimortgage.net.

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